Wednesday, 29 July 2009

SER sends message to Vestas workers

The following message of solidarity was sent to the 600 Vestas workers facing unemployment.
Dear Colleague

I am writing to you as the Chair of the South East Region Woodcraft Folk to extend our solidarity with you and other Vestas employees trying to defend their jobs and families against the threatened closure of the plants on the Ise of Wight and Newport.

It seems ludicrous to any right thinking person that this should be allowed to happen. Every day it seems there are new stories in the media of the threats of global warming and its impact upon the flora and fauna of the planet. The government itself has talked of the need to "green" the economy, and evidence shows that the government talks the talk, but doesn't walk the walk- a comparison of the "green" economy in Britain and Germany illustrates the point. It seems incredible that the government has stated it will create 400,000 green jobs in the next five years but is willing to stand by and allow such jobs and their incumbents to go to the wall. I note that the government is going to give Vestas £6 million for off shore development. This handout should be caveated with an insistance that the plants stay open.

The threatened closures are just one more vicious example of working people paying the price of the recession brought about by the bankers' and employers' greed.

I understand you are in court today. I wish you luck.

You are not just fighting for today, but also for the future. The Woodcraft Folk as a co-operative children's and youth movement understand and applaud your stand for the generations who will have to live with the consequences of a consumerist society and a class of people who put the buck before the needs of people and planet.

Yours in solidarity

Paul Bemrose
SER Chairperson


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