Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Feedback from training camp


Good Being
told off
Good Company
Seeing different Tents
The Food
New Friends and old friends
New games
Wood work
Carol wanting to go in the woods with Paul (?!)
Enjoyed meeting people from everywhere
Sharing Stories/Info was useful
Enjoyed team building and sharing games
Real activities we can take back to groups
Like the relaxed atmosphere
Enjoyed the lie-ins!
Good opportunity to network, got some useful contacts
We'd all come again - thanks!
No Bedtime!
The games
Making new friends
Loved that the weather was with us most of the time
Like putting up yurt and tipis
Loved the networking and knowledge sharing
Loved the cooked breakfast
Loved the informal structure
Like that it was mainly family children only
Everyone cooperated doing everything
The site was good
Nice to know new people
Fun to taste the food - glad it was there Friday evening
Good activities Learned new games, songs and activities to bring home
Like the string team building game
Love the English weather!!!
Would like to come for longer so we can get to know each other better
Nice that we didn’t have to get up early
Good with a trip into town


Bad Weather
Not enough animals
Too short
Not always enough time for translation
Too many up too late with lack of consideration for others wanting to sleep
Public site

For Next time?
Accounts for new people
Food Hygiene
More training opportunities please
More people from all over UK?
Poss longer camp
Bring in people from outside woodcraft
Better weather
Bigger meeting area
More veggie food
More skits in the evening
More breaks in the programme
More thought for socializing tents